Prison 17 (22 September 2016, after version 2.0) - escaping with Underwood

My final Prison from my original Prison Architect run.

This prison is looking much more secure than the others already.

After being led to my cell, I go exploring during work time, and find some commotion in the parole building. Looks like someone got denied their parole.

Apparently not happy about having a witness, White chases me out with his deadly pen.

I lure him right to the main path where he's mauled by a dog and then savagely beaten by guards, and I enjoy the show.

Yoink. One of the guards has dropped his keys.

But just after getting through the main gate, I myself am mauled by a dog. Worth the try.

I'm sent to solitary, but when my time is up I'm beaten for no reason and then given more solitary time for resisting. This prison is tough.

Doctors trip over themselves to be the one to heal me.

This prison has a system. Min Sec go to the canteen first, then file into the yard just in time for Med Sec to eat. In keeps the populations separated.

The kitchen isn't off limits, so I've been stealing spoons and forks and stashing them near my cell before a guard can react to the metal detector.

Then I work on stealing stuff from the workshop, but while carrying a saw I'm suddenly re-assigned to another cell for seemingly no reason and escorted there - and searched. So naturally I end up back in solitary for packing weapons.

When I'm out, I'm back in my original block (albeit not exactly the same cell). Whatever that was about, I'm glad I've got access to all my stash again.

While digging a tunnel I find that my nearby cellmates have had the same idea.

But the task is arduous. The perimeter wall is miles away. Time for old tried-and-tested methods.

The classrooms, far from the main path, provide a perfect place to earn a reputation without being disturbed by nosy guards.

Then I start the burning.

Several workers get trapped in a classroom and perish.

The visitor's room also becomes a deathtrap in short order.

I'm eventually rendered unconscious by smoke when trying to burn down the workshop too. To my surprise, there are still no guards around to take me in.

When I come around, I admire my handiwork. Teachers and students alike try to pretend everything is normal.

The fire in the visitor's room has destroyed the door control, making it inaccessible. But luckily, there's another visitor's room. I grab myself another lighter.

And this time start a fire in the canteen toilets.

Guards flee the flames and dozens of prisoners get trapped as I set fire to everything around us, and KO the firefighters that try to contain it. Sprinklers in the kitchen go off.

Snatching some jail keys I decided to ramp up the pressure, and slip into the Max Sec area.

And start a fire in their canteen.

Firefighters never show up. The entire building goes down in flames.

I do a runner through the Max Sec visitor's building. A dog tries to stop me but fails.

Guards give chase as I leg it down the path.

And through the main visitor centre. But it's too late.

I'm out.

Sadly, the victim report doesn't capture the true number of deaths I caused - countless charred corpses litter the ruins of destroyed buildings across the prison.

Time in prison: 6 hours.

Prison 17 overview

Prison 17 took on some lessons learned in Prison 16, and was based on the same idea: a prison that makes use of every feature in the game. This one includes the new "death row" features, and also extends across the road unlike Prison 16.

But perhaps most significantly, Prison 17 includes an idea that had been mulling around in my head for a while: could I use logic gates to automatically re-wire the prison if one of the generators explodes? I never did quite figure out a full solution, but I got close. If one generator catches fire, a series of switches and logic gates turns off non-critical parts of the prison (while keeping critical parts online), and reroutes power from the remaining two generators.