Prison 1 (2 January 2015, after Alpha 28) - escaping with Pritchard

Ahh, my very first prison. I'm sure this won't be hard to break out of.

There seems to be a lot of big empty rooms in this prison. I'm escorted through them to my cell.

Along the way I walk straight past the warden's office. He doesn't have a door on his office for some reason. That must be distracting, especially when he's trying to research something.

I count three large jail doors on the way to my cell, and it doesn't look like any parts of the prison are off limits to prisoners.

The far end of the prison doesn't seem to have been completed. From what I can tell, this prison has finished cells for a grand total of nine prisoners, and there's only two(?) guards around to keep tabs on them.

After a short wander around, I grab a knife from the kitchen and look around the storage room for other things that might be useful. As it happens though, I didn't need anything at all. The outside guard simply opened the front door for me and I did a runner straight out across the road.

Time in prison: 4 hours.

Prison 1 overview

It's no surprise that my first prison was an absolute mess. Just look at all that wasted space, those giant corridors, and those randomly-located rooms. Needless to say I gave up on it pretty quickly once I'd got the basics down, and tried building something with some semblence of a plan.