Prison 15 (5 December 2015, after version 1.1) - escaping with Moon

Several months passed before I came back to build Prison 15. The game had since come out of alpha and was on version 1.1 by the time I found out. This compelled me to come back to the game and try out all the new features.

Interesting, Moon came with a reputation already: Deadly.

Arriving in the dead of night I was escorted through an expansive staff zone and, finally arriving on the far side of the prison, placed into a cell above my grade.

My Deadly reputation is put to good use straight away in the initial kick-off. 3 points skips the punishment and gives me Tough and Strong.

Morning breaks. I follow the rest of the inmates to the canteen and swing a left into the kitchen, apparently I'm allowed in. A guard helpfully opens the door.

Grabbing a knife I stab a guard while the rest are busy in the canteen, but he tazes me.

I skip the punishment again and work my way over to the Infirmary, grabbing a pair of scissors and insta-killing both doctors. It seems to take ages for any guards to show up, so I manage to cut the medical beds up something fierce by the time I'm finally tazed, earning a nice 9 rep points. Now I'm Extremely Tough, Quick and a Skilled Fighter.

My next rampage starts in the Chapel, where I have what feels like a solid 10 minutes to absolutely wreck it. When a guard finally shows up I kill him and take his keys and tazer. Oh hell yes.

That's the last guard I see for a while - there doesn't seem to be many in this prison, at least no down at the south end of the prison. Very convenient. Next I smash up the classroom and the canteen. My trail of destruction racks up over 30 rep points. A lone guard comes, I taze him.

After killing another guard on the way out of the canteen, I get tazed myself.

And then it gets weird. I'm never searched. I still have the keys and tazer on my while waiting out my 17-hour solitary confinement.

I can let myself out of my cell (with my third hand, apparently), which is useful... but then the punishment timer stops ticking. While it's tempting to skip the punishment, I don't know if I'll keep the toys... so I wait it out.

My punishment ends but a guard doesn't come to collect me. It seems they're all busy with something serious: I hear tazer noises, dog barks, and more inmates arrive in solitary. So I let myself out.

One of the inmates, Simpson, is banging against the door. I open it for him and he's immediately mauled by a dog while I watch with sadistic amusement.

For some reason I get assigned to the holding cell, not far from the entrance, but still no guard has come to collect me. I go there myself. Then I figure - why not just use these keys and walk out of the prison?

Not a guard in sight. But even though I can reach the edge of the map, I can't escape while in chains.

Eventually a guard does come to collect me and puts my in the holding cell.

So I walk off and take the tazer with me as a souvenir.

Time in prison: 32 hours.

Prison 15 overview

With Prison 15, I attempted to build a spacious, outdoorsy prison, using intake control to keep prisoner numbers manageable. I don't think there were any challenges here - I just wanted to take it easy and familiarise myself with all the new features that had been brought into the game since my last foray into it several months previously.