Prison 14 (25 April 2015, after Alpha 31) - escaping with Mc Tickle

Mc Tickle. Mc Tickle.

Interestingly, the corridors aren't off limits to inmates in this prison. Escaping this one should be a doddle.

Ah, that could complicate things. The generator has overloaded and the prison is in darkness. Those servos controlling the doors will no longer open for random staff, only guards. That could make it a little harder to get out.

Oh. My. God. Is that the armoury - with no restricted access??

A guard helpfully lets me in.

The guards don't even seem to be concerned that I'm walking the corridors brandishing a rifle.

Only when I try shooting one in reception (a miss) do they give chase. I fire indscriminately as they follow me.

Chaos reigns, but I run out of ammo.

After a long chase around the corridor (which runs in a loop around the prison) I surrender. My work is done... for now. And I've earned twenty reputation points. Hardly a surprise after that rampage.

I'm moved to maximum security, but most of the prison is still not off limits. Thanks to my reputation points, I'm now Extremely Tough, Extremely Strong, Extremely Quick, Deadly and a Skilled Fighter. The next rampage will be... colourful.

Both my bed and my cell door are instantly destroyed by my souped-up fists.

The group shower rooms are a good place to wreck shit. I'm eventually rendered unconscious but not after earning another 23 reputation points.

This time I've recruited some followers. And it's 6:30am - show(er) time.

Every guard in the prison seems to be after me now, having dealt with my weaker mates.

I bust into the armoury but there's just not enough time to grab a weapon. This run is over.

Just a few hours later and Clefe, Balthazor and Holt start a massacre in the yard.

They're taken down, but their efforts seem to have kicked something bigger off. While I'm in the armoury, a riot starts.

The riot police prove... ineffective.

Finally grabbing some keys from a downed guard, I make my escape.

Nice try pigs.

That's me out, but what about the rest of my squad?

Clefe is working on his escape but takes too much injury.

Holt's turn goes better.

Then it's Balthazor.

Finally, Clefe in the early hours. By this time, my squad has earned 200 reputation points. We practically ran that prison.

Time in prison: 45 hours.

Prison 14 overview

Prison 14 was a return to the idea pioneered by Prison 12: a concentric-style plan with the yard in the middle, cell blocks around that, and service buildings around the outside. I don't recall what challenge I was imposing on myself here - I suspect it wasn't the challenge of keeping up with continuous intake though, given the inherent difficulty of expanding a prison of this design.