Prison 16 (28 March 2016, after version 1.5) - escaping with Venni

It's been over a year now since Prison 1. The game is richer than ever before, and a few months after Prison 15, I come back to build Prison 16.

Venni is a swimmer.

It's the middle of the night and the punishment for destruction is just an hour of lockdown, so since I'm not going anywhere anyway, I rack up some points by smashing up my cell. Eventually I kill a guard, and get bumped up to Maximum security.

Turns out this might not have been a great idea. After a stint in solitary, I'm marched into another section of the prison and I doubt I'll ever see the inside of that workshop.

My new cell is tantalisingly close to the outside world.

But getting a digging tool could be tough. The only place this side of the prison where I might find one is the kitchen. I wait for an opportunity to nab one.


But I'm tazed on the way back to my cell, and searched too. The spoon is lost. My cell is searched too, so even if I managed to stash it I'd probably lose it. Prison policy seems to be air-tight.

Racking up reputation is easy though. I manage to smash up half the yard before a guard even notices. By this point, I'm Extremely Strong, Extremely Tough, and Extremely Deadly.

It's breakfast time so I head on over to the canteen and leave a trail of destruction.

And then in the afternoon, hit the yard too. I visit the medical ward on the other side of the prison a couple times during all these fights, but sadly am in chains each time, unable to freely roam the prisons grounds.

With my stats now maxed out, I try for a new idea: grab keys and just make a run for it.

On my first and second attempts I just about make it into the other side of the prison before I'm tazed.

But then, third time lucky. I leg it through the admin area.

And out the front gate.

And through the road gate.

And to freedom.

Time in prison: 42 hours.

Prison 16 overview

Prison 16 was my attempt at building the "perfect" prison, making use of every feature in the game all in one prison and making it look nice too. This meant an elaborate entrance, a "walled garden" staff area, well-lit paved walkways, a chapel that was its own separate building and actually looked like a chapel, and probably my favourite canteen design of all my prisons.

It never did quite get completed though - a building intended for use as Death Row remained empty and unused.