Prison 2 (2 January 2015, after Alpha 28) - escaping with Stubbs

Prison 2 was a little bigger and it looked like I wasn't going to be able to simply walk out the front door.

Just about the entire half of the prison by the entrance was off limits. I'd probably never have made it down this corridor without getting stopped.

I'm put in the north cell block. This is conveniently near an outbuilding with the visitation room and medical ward - which would prove key ingredients for my escape.

A few hours later during mealtime, I run into the outbuilding, steal a lighter from visitation, and set fire to everything I can see. There are no guards to stop me.

Sirens grow louder and firemen turn up to tackle the blaze, but it still rages out of control.

Finding my moment, I dash through the infirmary - by this point engulfed in flames - and make a break for it through a hole in the collapsed wall. At least one person (a visitor) is dead as I make my escape, with 6 more whose fate would be left unknown - but good chance they weren't getting out of that situation alive.

Time in prison: 6 hours.

Prison 2 overview

Two blocks sharing a yard, each with separate canteens and kitchens: that was my plan for my second prison. It went a bit pear-shaped when I had to build a visitation room and medical ward, hence the weird offshoot building to the north.