Prison 3 (2 January 2015, after Alpha 28) - escaping with Olbrechts

For some reason, the guard at Prison 3 decides to put me in maximum security, where I'm not allowed.

This immediately sets off a guard response when I'm placed in my cell, so I figure I may as well make the most of it and kick off.

It does not last long.

After waking up in the infirmary, I spend a couple of hours in solitary.

Then I'm escorted to the Medium security block, thankfully.

May as well kick off here, too. Thanks to my newly earned reputation of being 'Strong', I one-punch that television like I'm in a movie. Then I break the toilet as guards come in to stop the carnage.

Off to the infirmary again, as workers come in to fix up all the shit I broke. Hey, without me they might be out of a job.

It's morning, and the showers open just as I come out of solitary again. But there's nobody here. Am I the only medium security prisoner in the block?

With not much else to do I go for a wander around the yard. There's a single fence there, but apparently I can't climb it, or punch through it.

The laundry room isn't off limits, so I go inside and come away with a makeshift rope.

No good though, I still can't climb the fence. The rope is described as a "digging tool" so I guess I can use it to dig a tunnel? Bizarre.

As yard time comes to a close, I quickly dash into the Maximum security block looking for trouble.

It's Thomas' unlucky day. I choose his cell and cover it with everyone's blood, mostly my own.

The doctors aren't so quick this time. The guards dump me back in my cell and I'm left to bleed for an hour, unconscious, all over my bed.

Hah! Turns out Thomas got solitary for his involvement in that little kerfuffle. I bet he's not happy about that. Meanwhile, I pick up the reputations 'Tough' and 'Skilled Fighter'.

It's dinner time and I decided it's also escape time. Those staff doors don't look like they can hold out too much of a beating, and I recall there's only one jail door after that between me and freedom.

I don't even need to smash the doors in. A clueless janitor opens them for me. I make a run for the main entrance.

A guard comes after me, but opens the door while lunging at me. I leg it.

Time in prison: 1 day, 2 hours.

Prison 3 overview

Prison 3 was just a slight tweak on prison 2, this time with a visitation room baked into the plan from the start (and a space for the infirmary). A little out-building in the yard served as the common room. I never did finish expanding the north block though, hence the asymmetry.