Prison 13 (22 April 2015, after Alpha 31) - escaping with Bennet

Like Prison 5, Prisons 10 and 11 were just unbuilt plans. And prison 12 wasn't loading correctly in Escape Mode.

So, on to Prison 13.

First impressions: might be an easy escape if I end up in that holding cell.

But alas, I was given a cell in the first block, where I start trouble right away.

Then at 3am I sneak out of my cell into the shower room and start wrecking the place. This earns me four reputation points. Bennet the Shower Buster, they call me.

Come morning, I can go for a wander. And just look at this chapel. So many mats. So... flammable. And no guards around!

The libary. Also looking pretty flammable.

The workshop. Look at all that wood! You know what they say about wood. "Wood is flammable" I think it is.

And would you look at that, there's a discarded lighter in the visitation room.

Naturally it's time for my classic "burn down the library" move, then I start work on the classroom. I, uh, appear to have painted myself into a corner, though.

The fire brigade is here to save me.

I show my gratitude by killing two of them and knocking out another.

As I slip through a hole in the wall to try and make my escape via the morgue (a room that will be very busy soon, I'm sure), a guard comes out of the staff room and tazes me. Shit.

I'm led away down a mysterious corridor. Looks like I'm not going back to my usual cell. Still, it was worth it. I got nine reputation points from that little kerfuffle. They don't call the Shower Buster any more.

Looks like I'm being put in maximum security.

My new cell. This is a bit troubling. I can't freely wander the prison any more.

With the fence just inches away from the block wall, digging out would be easy - but there's not much chance of me getting a tool.

Well anyway, time to establish my reputation in the new wing.

After killing a guard in the canteen I run into the cell at the end and simply wait for the guards to come to me.

Then I smash up the cell. A worker comes to fix it and a doctor comes to fix me but they soon turn around and get the fuck out of there when they see what I'm about.

A fellow prisoner and I have a punch-up through his jail door.

Reinforcements arrive and I'm finally rendered unconscious, but not before killing yet another guard and knocking a shotgun out of someone's hand.

When I next start trouble by smashing up my cell again, they're taking no chances. Five guards bust in to take me down.

Then, I simply do a runner. Guards pile after me and I punch prison staff as I go.

I'm eventually taken down by a tazer after punching a worker dead.

Back in my cell. Jesus, look at all those shell casings.

For some reason, the armed guard only appears in the canteen when it's not eating time. As soon as the canteen opens, he's on his way out. But not this time. I'm gunning for him. Or rather, I'm gunning for his gun.


But it wasn't to last. As I head towards the exit looking for more guards to unload lead into, a sneaky guard tazes me from the infirmary door. Fuck.

I'm led away again, shotgun still fully loaded on the floor.

While kicking up another storm in the canteen, things go wrong. I am murdered. I guess they simply had had enough of my shit.

Can't say I didn't deserve it.

Time in prison: 24 hours.

Prison 13 overview

Prison 13 was another try at the "one canteen for everyone" idea, this time with kitchens in a central location to more efficiently service the canteen, but it just wasn't quite working out. Once again the prison was abandoned before its capacity came anywhere near that of prison 8. It would not be my last attempt at the idea though.

Prison 12 honorary mention

It might not have loaded correctly for an escape attempt, but Prison 12 is worth a mention. It was a totally new design, the plan being to build cells in the middle of the prison and have service rooms all around the outside. This would, I had hoped, make digging out of the prison pretty much a non-starter. It was a logistical nightmare though, didn't lend well to expansion, and didn't provide much space for cells either.