Prison 9 (21 February 2015, after Alpha 29) - escaping with Bennet

As I get off the bus (which has parked over a prisoner's dead body) I notice a stream of riot police leaving the prison. Something has happened here.

Sure enough there's a lot of injured prisoners and staff here (one guard was carrying a colleague's body out as I was escorted in) and blood all over the canteen. It's dinner time too. That can't be hygienic.

After doing time in solitary for having the audacity to be placed in Max Sec (as usual), I'm assigned a cell on the north side of the prison.

Won't be too hard to dig out of this place, if I can find the tools.

The staff room isn't off limits to prisoners, bizarrely, and a guard helpfully opens the staff door for me. It is, however, off limits to light for some reason.

I fumble around in the dark for a fork and get back to my cell to start digging. The fork doesn't get me far before it breaks, but as long as I can keep stealing forks from unrestricted staff rooms I'll do just fine.

There's a bit of an incident in the canteen but I manage to avoid getting involved. It's a bit disconcerting that the Max Sec and Med Sec prisoners are all mingling together.

Jackpot. The workshop is totally accessible.

And so is security! A pack of guards are oblivious as I pocket a set of jail keys right under their noses.

Can I do a runner right out of the front of the prison with these keys...? Though I got close!

Maybe I can go out the back gate instead. Time to go and nab me another set of keys.

There's no way to avoid the metal detectors on entering the canteen, but I just keep moving it doesn't matter.

A guard gives chase as I hunt for another gate through the outer fence.

But alas, it's a dead end. I'm caught, tazed and put in solitary again.

Back to digging. The tools from the workshop also set off the detectors, but I'm in my tunnel before any guards can search me.

It takes a few hours tunnelling under several cells, but I go unnoticed by guards patrolling in the corridor (despite it being the middle of the day) and I'm out in no time.

Time in prison: 24 hours.

Prison 9 overview

Prison 9 asks the question: what if everyone shared the same canteen? In this prison, the canteen occupies a central open-plan space between the cell blocks. In theory, it would be shared by Max Sec and Med Sec at different times of the day to prevent mixing. A single large yard, at the end of the canteen, similarly serviced all blocks.

A separate string of blocks with segregated canteens did eventually become necessary though - hence the extension at the south. Ultimately, this design did not prove successful, and never reached the capacity of prison 8.