Many years ago, in 2015, I bought Prison Architect on Steam. I was immediately hooked. The game was still in early access back then, on Alpha 28 (a pale outline of what it is today in 2020, despite already being 3 years old by that point), but it was still engaging enough to become my latest gaming obsession. I played it continuously through the first half of 2015, and then started to tire of it, only coming back to it when a major update came out.

Every time a big change came out, I started a new prison, refining my designs and making use of the new features. I still have all my save files, with my old prisons. Some are incomplete, others barely started - but quite a few are in respectable shape.

One thing I haven't done much of in PA is playing Escape Mode. But now, on these pages, I intend to revisit all my old prisons - as an inmate. And escape them.