Winter of Discontent

Sir, GDI forces have breached the perimeter, we can't hold any longer!
Requesting immediate backup!.. What the..? Looks like... looks like
they're... uh... they're going to use their Ion Ca...

Apparently that base's waste Commander. If we can get to a hidden airbase located to the east of our position, and reactivate its communications systems, we may be able to call for help. Intel suggests that GDI has established a forward outpost just nearby; it is lightly defended and can be captured easily. Beware of the GDI patrols in the mountains, as they are looking for possible survivors after the assault. Let's get moving!

Mission briefing: Our base in this region was overwhelmed by GDI forces. Remaining troops have rallied in the mountains. Find your way into our airbase to the east, and use your engineer to reactivate the communication relay there. When reinforcements arrive, capture a lightly defended GDI forward post, build a strike force and remove all GDI presence from the area.



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