Are you a fan of the original Command & Conquer game, Tiberian Dawn?
Did you enjoy the single player campaigns and bonus missions?
Do you now want to find more missions, designed by other fans?
Wouldn't it be convenient if every single fan-made mission could be found in one place?

If so, this web-page is for you!

In 2011, C&C fan Chimas (formerly Solo) began an ambitious project: to find old, fan-made missions for Tiberian Dawn - some of which go all the way back to 1996 - and compile them all into one massive archive. These missions have been collected together from all over the internet (and from hard drives long since forgotten) by a dedicated group of fans - and some fans are still making missions too!

There are now over 700 missions in the collection, and the purpose of this website is to present that archive in an easily readable format.

Ratings and reviews

In addition to listing these fan-made missions on this webaite, I have made it my project to play every single one them, giving each a very short review and a rating. It's my hope that this will help people find the most well-made, most challenging, most creative, and above all most enjoyable missions in the collection, for those who simply don't have the time or patience to sample every one.

Each mission gets a rating out of five stars. Campaigns, too, are given an overall rating. Here is a quick guide to what each rating means:

★★★★ Has design flaws that make mission unplayable, impossible or pointlessly easy
★★★★★ Badly designed or too easy, too simple, or too dull
★★★★★ Somewhat fun, challenging, creative, reasonably well-scripted
★★★★ Great fun, good challenge, very creative, well-scripted
★★★★★ No flaws, superb in every way, little room for improvement

You might notice that not many missions listed here get more than 3 stars. If my ratings seems harsh, it's because they are - in fact, most of the original campaign missions would probably get only three stars, and most of the Covert Ops missions would probably get four. In general, a three-star mission meets a good standard, and is worth playing. The ratings are designed to highlight the extremely bad and the extremely good. The one-line reviews, meanwhile, are deliberately kept short and to the point, highlighting something that I found particularly noticable about the mission, usually a flaw or something that could have been improved.

Of course, it's all subjective. If you think I've done a mission a major injustice, please let me know!


Whatever feedback you might have, whether it's about this site or a particular mission, I would love to hear it. Send me your comments, questions or suggestions using the form below.

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Project links

This site has everything you need for getting the game up an running on your system.

This topic on the cncnz.com forum is the home of Chimas' project to collect and organise these missions. Feel free to sign up and join the discussion.

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