Trully Hard

Nod has fortified the area with a large number of units. The area, normally a GDI supply line, has been completely cut off. You have 2 standing squadrons available, with no reinforcements possible. To add to the situation, the weaker squad is hopelessly trapped, as strong Nod forces await at the bridge to the northwest. (Warning: Do not attempt to fight your way across the bridge with the weaker squad. It's absolutely impossible.) Rescue this squad and then proceed to clear the area of all Nod presence. Good Luck. ...You'll need it.

Mission briefing: A GDI base is under siege in this region. Dr. Moebius is trapped in the base. Move in, grab Moebius, and then a transport helicopter will be sent to you. Get Moebius into the transport. Make sure that there are no SAM sites in the area or else the transports will be useless.



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