Troops We Have

We have lost badly in a previous battle in this strategic region and now it's infested with GDI (they have only left the airstrip to capture any additional units delivered). Your task is to retake this region. Simple. Find the abandoned base west of your starting position and find a way to get across the river. You must be quick because dozens of Mammoths are hot on your tail! Once you get across, capture the Airstip back and get the radio box (the crate in the sandbags) and an MCV will be delivered to you. Periodically, extra units will also be delivered that consists of Tanks, artillery and so on, provided that you have an airstip avaliable.

Mission briefing: Despite our lost in a previous battle, we have to take all the troops we have to this reigon and remove GDI. Now the GDI forces have strengtened up and will devestate us in no time, and we must stop it! Take our troops and capture an Airstrip FIRST, then steal the radio box from GDI and an MCV will be delivered to you. Once that, eliminate all GDI presence in this area. For this mission, build an extra airstrip of keep it free to recieve reinforcements . Good Luck Commander!



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