The Red Light District

The Brotherhood has taken over a small German village. This village has been split by the Berlin Wall back in the 60s. They destroyed it almost completely and they built their base on a piece of land protected by the wall. Spies told us that it is the largest Nod base ever seen with quite an amount of Obelisks :(
We have developed a new mobile radar truck. We want to test it in this area so you are given two of them. You don't function really good yet so they are no good for you. Just try to keep them all alive!!!!! Otherwise you'll regret :)

Mission briefing: Find the leftovers of a former GDI base somewhere in the northern regions of the map. Reinforcements will arrive as soon as you're there. Your primary task is to keep our new radar trucks alive!!! ALL of them. So just beat the hell out of those Nod guys. The only way to survive is to defeat the enemy once and for all. Remember: once a truck is destroyed, it's game over man!



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