The Many Arms of NOD

This was the turning point in the. I have recorded this simulation of The greatest victory in our history. GDI had cornered us in South Africa. Luckily, their only method of attack was to build a base next to our almost indistructable Temple. They wasted so much man-power on this that their Base lay Dormant for a while, so we ammassed our forces. When their base Comes on-line be wary, as GDI will attack Furiously!


We Have managed to lay our hands on some cargo planes. These are only suitable for infantry transport, but fly under radar to avoid detection. They will be ideal for engineer\commando attacks.

Mission briefing: The arrogant GDI forces have decided to channel ALL of their forces to Build one base near our Temple (a vain effort). Kane is in the temple to Ponder over your destructive tactics. TAKE THE GDI BASE APART!



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