The Gathering

The English military have joined you in your fight for World Peace. They have established a base in this region, and are just preparing their first attack. But their enemy are not alone. Poland have a base in this region too, helping Nod. The English base are going to be crushed, if we don't do anything.

Establish a base and help the English military. Remember to send forces to them while you prepare to crush the Nod base. It will be easy, since they haven't got their best general to control it. But beware the Poland base. They got a good one. The enemy do not know that you are there, so you can build and better your base with no special trouble. Build an army, and surprise those chickens! If your strike is large and tough, they won't be able to strike back. You will aslo get the airstrike team. They are in another battle now, but it is soon finished.

Mission briefing: In this mission your task is to help the English base (orange ones destroying the Nod base and the Poland base. The others have already arrived and built their bases, but haven't yet built any forces. Remember to send forces to the English base. Then build up a large army, and surprise the enemy! Wipe'em out while they are busy with the English ones.



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