The Framing

It has been 5 years since GDI demolished the Temple of NOD. But NOD was not destroyed totally. The survivors have banded together and are rebuilding the cult from what was left. What GDI doesn't know that Kane is still alive and heading the reoraganization. He was found near death and with technolgy that was being researched at secret NOD facility he was kept alive and revived. But the scientists predict he can survive for only another year in the special robotic suit that was discovered in a crashed alien spacecraft. So far all NOD knows is that a special convoy of alien origin was on its way to earth when it crashed. The fuel of the craft was a self-regenerating substance. This substance got out of some of the ships and is now a thriving resource on earth. The substance is tiberium. But now there are also other problems other then Kanes life. Factions from both GDI and NOD have banded together and to form a threat to other worse that any other. The worst part of it is that our best scientist has joined them and we need him for our research. GDI does not know of there presence so you are to attack them framing this organization called The Hell Knights and team up with GDI and regain our scientist. The fate of Kane and the world are in your hands.

Mission briefing: We are going to blame this attack to a GDI ally, the Hells Knights. This also going to help our research since there is a facility containing information on an alien technology GDI has recovered on their own. A small installation in the southwest belongs to the Hells Knights. Do not attack them! We must blame this plot on them.



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