The Death Camp

Some GDI Troops were sent to Consto in Turkey to find a suitable place for a STRONG HELD BASE. When they got there they found something different.... NOD'S DEATH CAMP! The DEATH CAMP is were they take the POW'S and the left over civilans to rott and die! Your mission is to regroup and find the DEATH CAMP and destroy it!!!! DESTROY EVERTHING YOU SEE.. Dont trust anyone, but your troops by you and the troops you train. The defence is pretty weak, so you should be able to CONQUER this mission! GOOD LUCK!!! DONT GET CAPTURED!

Mission briefing: A GDI team was sent to Consto, Turkey to find a suitable place to set up a main base... They found something else intead. It's a NOD DEATH CAMP! Destroy it !! Destroy everything you come in contact with!! Dont trust anyone, but your own troops. Good Luck !!!!



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