The Bridge on the kwai

Sound familiar? You are the British. Welcome to Japan in WWII. You had already build a bridge across the Kwai River, unfortunetely, the Japanese took control of it. Your mission is to first find the (Russian) NOD base, (should be to the East) take it over, then clear out the forces on the bridge, and destroy the rest of the enemies at the prison. Lucky for you, we have 2 Gunboats already attacking on the river, they should be able to help you. Good luck......... you'll need it.

Mission briefing: First, move to the East and get control of the red base there. Then move North and across the bridge. Finally, destroy the rest of the prison base. Since your forces are escaped prisoners, no reinforcements and high-tech things. While escaping, one of your men heard a strange sound, much like a laser...



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