Seizure of Assets

To continue our effort for the true freedom of mankind, we need additional funds to support our war machines. GDI has a Tiberium refining center here where they have been stockpiling Tiberium and liquid credits. You are to establish a base, then destroy their refining center and pillage their storehouses. Do not return until you have at least 25,000 spendable credits. In the northwest, a crate of flares was air-dropped. When you need, you may use these to call in some additonal reinforcements.

Mission briefing: GDI has a major Tiberium refining center where they have been stockpiling Tiberium and credits. Destroy the base, and don't return without at least 25,000 LIQUID credits. A crate of flares in the north-west will let you signal for more reinforcements.



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