Hallo Commander. A recent Med Evac procedure was aborted when our HeliMed took a hit and was forced to land somewhere in Tabarka, Tunisia. We discovered then that a lot of those spreaded villages in the Tunisian sands are a disguise for an embrionary network of terrorists camps sponsored by the Nod.

Mission briefing: ||:::::::::: Point of Conflict: Tabarka, TUNISIA | LAT 37N ::::::::::||

Destroy all terrorist training camps ::: Eliminate a traitor hiding in one of these camps ::: Locate and force-fix a GDI Helimed to extract Delphi before he dies.

Air cover at your disposal on landing ::: Avoid Nod Outpost at SE ::: 10=Take out radio operators to prevent jamming and distress calls ::: Capture 1comm-stations to coordinate air raids ::: Flarepoint at SW



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