Rescue and Retribution

Nod atrocities have been reported in this area. A civilian village of no tactical importance has been overrun by rampaging Nod militants. Survivors were taken into a newly established nearby compound, possibly a detention center of sorts. We have no presence in this area yet, so looks like it's time to move in.

Ground access into the region is guarded by heavy gun emplacements, but intel suggests it is possible to rush in an APC with some manpower inside. A Commando will be assigned to the squad to deal with enemy infantry concentrations, while RPG troopers can take out Nod armor. Disabling enemy SAM sites, as usual, should allow for reinforcement airdrops. Once the gun turrets are down and the entrance open, tanks and armored vehicles will safely arrive to assist you in assaulting the Nod base. Should you encounter Obelisks, consider infiltrating the power grid first in order to disable them.

Free the civilians and destroy any Nod units and structures you may encounter. This should seriously weaken the Brotherhood's influence in the area and gain us support of the local population.

Good luck!

Mission briefing: Nod has captured civilians from a nearby village and moved them to a detention camp in this area. Use the Commando and his team to clear the village of NOD forces, then take out the turrets so that we can move in armor to assist you. Locate the detention camp and free the civilians. All NOD forces in the area must be destroyed.



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