Redemption Denied

Nod has stolen the latest encrypted code for the ion cannon sattelite and has built their own adv. comm center in an attempt to decrypt it. Your task is to destroy the adv. comm center. Nod however, is prepared for such an assault, so GDI will assist you by providing funds allocation on certian periods. (Thats $10000 for each allocation)

Mission briefing: Situation Is Critical! Nod Forces have managed to steal our latest encryption codes for our orbital Ion Cannon Sattelite. We have recived rumors that Nod is decoding it on somewhere in this region. We MUST stop it! The Nod's Base is heavily fortified and will recieve strong Reinforcements so prepare well. Destroy Their Adv. Comm. Center to accomplish your Mission. For this mission, you will be recieving resource injections to aid you. Move south for a suitable base location. Good Luck Commander!



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