Northern Madness

Nod troops have built a powerful base in the Canadian wilderness. Our reliable sources have told us that the new Nod leader wants to strike back at the USA to revenge Kane's death. They have set up a Tech Center and a Temple to launch this attack. Us cities that have been targeted are Chicago and Detroit. You must not fail in this mission! Your men will be flown in by chopper south of the Bear River. Set up a base here and remove all Nod forces. Our satellite has revealed That they have fortified a small island with no access to it by water.

Some recent reports indicate the presence of the NOD Black Wolf division in the area they are famous for their cold weather fighting and their use of camouflage trickery. Kill them all Commander.

We have bad news renegade USSR troops my provide air support for Nod be prepared for the worst...

Nod has put into place a rapid deployment force headed by none other than Ham son of Seth!!! You must stop this counter attack or die trying.

Mission briefing: The Brother Hood Of NOD has set up a base in the Canadian wilderness. It is located on a small island you must destory it at all costs. Or they may launch Nuclear Missiles at the USA in retalation to the Death of Kane. They may get air support from the USSR. Good Luck!



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