In from the Forest

A small patrol group recently found this NOD base and we have sent a small, but heavily armed group with two MCV's through the forest to their base. We've arrived on the opposite side of the forest but not without our losses the two MCV's are heavily damaged from the NOD forces that were in the forest.

You have recently arrived on the NOD side of a forest which opens into a great plain of open field. There is a massive Tiberium field somewhere our patrol groups coordinates of the fields location was cut off before they could finish their transmission. The NOD Base is somewhere in the north. You have to kill every Brotherhood unit and structure to win this level.

Mission briefing: We have recently landed a small, but heavily armed group with two damaged MCV's in the NOD side of a forest, we are afraid Kane has nuclear capability. We need you to set up a base and destroy all Nod units. Good luck Commander, you'll need it.



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