High Stakes

Well Commander, its about time you get some REAL experiance under your belt. This mission will, by no means, be an easy one. It is suspected that the noddies have put a great deal of funding into a researching project, and agent Delphi tells us that this research is going on at the Nod Tech Centre. I want you to halt their project, perminently. Also, all towns you may encouter during this mission are NOD friendly, take these towns out. This is also an essential part of the mission. Now, the NOD forces are somehow jamming our OUR tech centre. Heavy sattilite photos tell us that this jamming station is disguised as a biotech centre. Take it out: and we'll be happy to provide air support throughout the rest of the mission. And finally Sattilite photos let us believe that nod has a power station seperate from their base, taking this out could prove usefull for shutting down the nod security. Good luck.

Mission briefing: Destroy the Nod Technology Center, and any Nod friendly towns in the area. The completion of this mision is essential. Good Luck.



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