We have little time to erradicate NOD from this area. Because of this, a frontal assault is needed. You will be supplied with many men to take a beach head. Once this area is secure, destroy ALL gun turrets in the area then proceed West accross the bridge and destroy the turret there. Continue West, and use the reinforcements to capture the base there. Finally, exterminate all trace of NOD.

You must lead a swift assault on this NOD held sector. The only tactics available to us, are swamping the area with men. From this point you must capture a nearby NOD base, and kill all NOD forces.

Mission briefing: We must move quickly to eliminate the NOD force in this area. Use your men to destroy ALL the gun turrets on the beach area, Then proceed West accross the bridge, destroying the turret there. Wait for reinforcements, then capture the base to the West. Finally, exterminate the NOD presence in this area.



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