Forces of Destruction

After the long and dreary warfare between GDI and NOD forces, our terrorist faction, LOD (the Legions of Doom) has been able to rise to power. Our goal is to take over the eastern world and proceed on taking over the west. Another terrorist faction is on the verge of doing this and we must stop them and win the race for World Domination.

Intel reports that the FOD has made a large stronghold in Northern Europe we have given you a well equipped strike force to take it over, you will have a group of engineers and commandos at your disposal and a Stealth Tank to scout the area, along with those, you will have the usual groups of tanks and grunts. Your mission is to wipe out all FOD troops and take over the abandoned NOD base near your drop off site. We also have reports of heavy sniper fire, so be careful.

Mission briefing: Your mission is to estabish a base in the forests of Northern Europe. Our rival terrorist faction, FOD, has made a large stronghold in the area and your objective is to seek it out, and destroy it. There is also an abandoned NOD base nearby; take it over so we can build up our forces. Intel reports that there is heavy sniper fire in the forests, so be careful.



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