Farmers' Emnity

NOD elite forces have stolen GDI's tanks and an MCV near their main tiberium farm. Establish a base there, protect it with extensive SAM sites and build ground troops to elimate GDI's control of the area. One 0.3 kton neutron bomb is available. Intelligence suggests this should be used to nuke the power plant/silo centre while a flame tank force destroys the construction site and satellite comms. Enemy production has been sabotaged, so exploration and critical demolition tasks should be executed before their mammoth line is re-established. A large platinum catalyst has been delivered to the biolabs in the north - capture this if you can.

Mission briefing: NOD elite forces have captured GDI tanks and an MCV. Harvest the tiberium farm and wipe out all traces of their presence. Intelligence suggests native airforce is overwhelming: attack their buildings at your own risk.



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