Devil or the Deep Blue Sea

Kane has fortified the island of Sri Lanka and is posing a threat to GDI infulence in India. 2 GDI bases have been established in the area to destroy the NOD fortress. Our forces have landed on the island only to meet with much resistance. It seems Kane has anticipated our moves. Naval support is on the way but it won't be much use. To make things worse, GDI traitors have taken over our Northern base which holds the plans for NOD's nuclear missile. Research into NOD ballistics have yielded results and a nuclear missile launch site (Temple of NOD) has been errected at your base. Land reinforcements are cut off but air support is still svailiable. However, before the Northern base was captured, General Shepherd's 1st Tank brigade headed for the first base. Now, with jammed communications, ensure that the General's MHQ reaches safety (or *BOOM*). Your Goal is to destroy the GDI traitor's base, DESTROY the Technology centre, retrive the nuclear device's plans and nuke the NOD fortress-Island.

Mission briefing: Your Goal : Destroy the GDI traitor's base and destroy the Tech centre. Retrieve the plans for the nuclear weapon. Then use it to destroy the NOD fortress island.



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