Desert Shield

Prior to our planned destruction of NOD's Bosnian HQ, his forces stormed the base and won. Most buldings except for the VTOL pads have been captured, and all but a hand-full of engineers and grenadiers have escaped with base personnel within the mobile HQ. We having learned of this, sent 4 chinooks filled with their best equipment to re-take the base and repay Kane's deed. Ion cannons and Air strikes are at your disposal. Oppsostion is intense, and don't be fooled by huge massing of troops around enemy buildings, they WILL attack... at once.

Mission briefing: Prior to our assault on Kane's temple, his forces overran the base and sabotaged some of the buildings. Only a handfull troops excaped on foot with base personnel in the MHQ. They managed to called in for re-infor- cements and they are on their way! Re-take the base, secure the area and elimate all NOD forces, including Kane's temple!



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