Death Trap

It just became apparent that GDI is secrectly conducting a biochemical research, the stuff that I thought of at the first place! However, they seem to have a couple of brilliant scientists who had help excel at a rate that is detrimental to NOD forces in that area, particularly where there are several rich tiberium fields. In addition, those civilians living around those areas seem to be very rich, so it is to your advantage at destroying them for their money. However, it is known that they paid highly for their protection. Also, when you discover the Hospital lab, an engineer will be drop off at the scene, but be careful because he's the only one we can afford to have for this mission!

Mission briefing: Use your forces to penetrate the enemy line and capture their Hospital R&D Lab. We will try to provide you with as many available forces as possible. Those impotent natives has to be destroyed as well as capturing the R&D Lab to complete your mission. Show no mercy!



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