Death & Destruction

Before your squadron could retake the piece of the asteroid, Nod managed to ship off five of the fragments, little evidence of the existence of the piece were left. We must now recover all pieces off the asteroid before Nod can assemble it. Dr. Mobius' work has confirmed that the atoms of Tiberium are --highly-- unstable. An isotope of Tiberium-245, if bombarded with a single neutron can unleash seven more neutrons towards other atoms. A Tiberium power plant would blow up the second it released a neutron. Nod, by finding these isotopes can unleash the most destructive force known in our galaxy. The piece we're looking for can contain only a few isotopes, enough to send the world straight to hell.
We have been cut off from our base, we have no recon availiable at this point. No A-10 will be availiable for the duration of this mission.

Mission briefing: Nod is attempting to transport the ore of the asteroid which they had mined in your previous mission. if this piece falls into the hands of Nod, we shall surely die in their hands. Recover the piece and look out for fake boxes, they may have nukes within.



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