We are losing A-10's as fast as we can build em. All forward areas are suffering major casualties which must be stopped. This commander is where you come in... Get yer shit together quickly, we are sure they know you are soon to arrive. A very large NOD base lies to yer northwest...REMOVE THEM VIOLENTLY !! Spare no man nor machine to this effect, it must be done! Sam sites a bit north and west (4) should be knocked out if reinforcements are to arrive safely. If the sams are not removed in time the replacements will not be re-sent! (ie: your on yer with it) When the majority of the sams are canned the A-10's will assist you. P.S. as far as recon can inform...the NOD's are not yet nuclear capable. Your drop zone is just north of your posistion defend it, rumor has it that NOD is using it as well. (hint,hint) Deploy where you are, You dont have time to fiddle-@#$% around before they come for blood. Tiberium deposits are due west so harvest quickly. A last word of mammoths!

Mission briefing: A spy for the brotherhood has been found in our midst!! Although difficult to tell how much information was leaked about your up-comming mission, rest assured those nasty NODies may know more than we do. All we can say is that our A-10's are getting the hell knocked out of them as they fly over what we thought was a secure area. All available units at our disposal are being set to you to remove the new NOD threat.



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