Since the Tiberian wars, and the death of General Shepard, GDI is a minor group now. Our rivals now are FOD and the group SIN. GDI is very small, with only small funding. Their self esteemed leader is Commander Carter, his missions into our territory have slowed and halted our progression in Europe. He must be terminated. After your succesful last mission in defending the city and wiping out SIN & FOD, we have gotten reports that Carter is hiding out in an abandoned GDI superbase. You are to take over that base and find him. Your only threat is the automated turrets and towers, which are almost destroyed. Also, we have not been able to get visual contact with your sector so report back with your findings after you scout the area.

Mission briefing: GDI's new leader, Commander Carter, has been reported to be hiding out in an old GDI base. Your mission is to TAKE OVER the base so we can obtain him for questioning. Base defense is old, almost dead automated weapons, they should pose little threat, destroy them. We have not gotten radar contact, so scout the area after your initial objective. This mission is a milk run, so it should not be too hard.



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