Blood runs through the River

Recent NOD successes have allowed them to capture and fortify a unnamed island of the US coast. Your mission is to create a beach head and hold it. US Marines will be used to spearhead this mission, make good use of their lives Major. Build a base and destroy all nod forces. Building sandbag walls won't help much so attack and destroy.

You will fail your mission if all GDI troops are destroyed on the beach. Nod will then use thier nukes against US coastal cities.

Update: Some recent reports indicate the presence of the NOD Elite Skull unit in the area they are famous for their fight to the death attitude and their use nukes.

It is possible that we may be able to air lift some crack troops behind their defenses be ready to link up with them...

Mission briefing: The Brother Hood of Nod has taken a control of an Island off the US coast. Retake it at all costs before Nod strikes our Mainland. Our spies tell us they have 2 nukes so be prepared. By the way you will be landing on a fortified beach. Good Luck! You'll need it!



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