Blood Force

This is kind of tha continuation(is that a word?)of TEMPLE.ZIP:)created by me>s. After you took out MOEBIUS with your snipers,(or NUKE which ever it may be!!)INTEL found out MOEBIUS had a TWIN!,and unfornunately you killed the wrong MOEBIUS. SO.....KANE got phissed...He's not playing around any more.He sent his special force,known as tha BLUD FORCE to do tha Job right. But GDI gotta a trick up there sleeve...INTEL suggests that GDI has sent a MOEBIUS looka like to confuse you. Kill the right one(or both who cares?)and KANE will be pleased.meanwhile.....sneaky NOD has fortified a base to the EAST. Find them and regroup, NOD's power is weakened so help em out and they'll fight with you!(a little)>(don't worry they won't shoot you)

Mission briefing: Kill Dr.Moebius, Intel has discovered Dr.Moebius's hideout! KANE has sent his special 'blood force' to do this job and we have a fortified base to tha EAST, let's destroy Dr. Moebius and GDI.



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