Assassination HQ

It has been known for some time that a band of highly trained assassins operated out of a fort situated high in the mountains. It was thought that eradicating this band of vipers would be too costly, and so their presence was tolerated. However, their use by the Brotherhood in an assassination attempt on the Secretary General has changed all that. You are to lead a mission to the mountain fort and take them out, no matter what the cost. They specialise in long range and silent kiling, so expect them to have an assortment of very deadly equipment.

Mission briefing: A recent attempt on the life of the Secretary General has strengthened U.N. resolve and given GDI new powers to deal with terrorism. As part of this new regime, you are to seek out and destroy the band of assassins that were hired for this assassination. They are often used by the Brotherhood, so expect them to have Brotherhood equipment. Kill them all.



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