7/1/96- United Nations officials meet at an un-disclosed location to discuss what actions must be taken in response to the war in Bosnia. A guard, who watches an oddly behaving grounds-keeper sneak into a vent shaft from the outside, quickly alerts the rest of the complex. The deligates are silently evacuated into un-marked vans, and driven away to safety moments before the entire building is torn apart by enough C4 to level 2 city blocks.

7/2/96- An immediate investigation is launched to discover how the classified location of the conference was leaked to the outside, and as to who would do such a thing.

7/5/96- At 1850 Zulu time, a un-authorized user logs into the United Nations Global Information Network, and accesses classified documents on tactical vehicle specs. The user logs off before a trace can be completed.

7/15/96- Using an old GDI ID code and password, three hackers work their way into the GDI Tactical Warfare Operations Network, a secure satelite up-link center which relays war-time operational plans to all GDI field commanders, and is a direct link to NORAD. They download the assignments and plans for all GDI strikes aginst NOD and all other terrorist factions across the planet. Once GDI realizes that the ID and password were from a retired general, they begin a trace. The call was traced to a pay phone somewhere in Cochabamba.

7/16/96- All GDI field commanders and computer operators are put on full alert: NO ONE accesses anything above Level 3 security without authorization from General Mark Shepard.

7/20/96- The hackers, now aware that they are being watched, increase their efforts by simutaniously logging onto 10 different servers. Nine of them use viruses and download irrelevant files to throw off computer security, while one lone hacker works his way through the back systems, un-noticed, and downloads all of GDI's files on tactical, nuclear warheads. Unfortunetly, for the hackers, their increased activity made for an easy trace. Their home base was found to be a stronghold in the lower Himalayas.

Mission Briefing:

Commander, when we first learned of the location of the enemies base, we constucted a small outpost on the out skirts of the region. It has gone un-noticed for some time now, and we have learned that this group is calling itself the Dogs Of War, a group of militant hackers who are tired of all of the cencoring on the Internet. A couple of years ago we had a small base setup in the area to listen on NOD's trasmissions and to inform us if they made any advances into Southern Asia. We abandoned the area when Kane and his temple were discovered and annialated.
It seems DOW has captured the old Com. Center there and has been using it's old ID codes to access secure military documents on vehicle diagrams and nuclear weapons. Normally this information is safe in the databanks of our network of computers, but when the hackers used the old Com. Center to access our files, the security programs recognized the obsolete codes and let them by without a scratch. They have not only been selling this information to the highest bidder, but using it to arm themselves with our technology. We must not let this go on!
We are planning an immediate strike on their stronghold. To aid us in our fight we have requested the assistance of SEAL Team 5. The Team will be landing in the area via HALO drop and you will direct their actions to the goal of eliminating DOW's outer defense perimeter and to locate the old Com. Center. Once that is accomplished, a Strike Team will be Helo-dropped to your location with an Engineer to capture and DIS-MANTEL the Com. Center to prevent further on-line incurrsions.
At this time 2 MCV's are already en-route to the outpost. They will arrive shortly and you are to use them to build up your base and launch a strike against the DOW stronghold. Until they arrive you may use SEAL Team 5 and the Strike Team to defend your base against DOW counter-attacks. Make no mistake, the will attack and hard. Once they find out that their operation is ruined, they will strike back with everything in their arsonnal.
Note: Their is a blizzard moving through the mountains which will aid us by blocking their radar long enough to slip the SEAL Team in. Although they will be blinded by this storm, we cannot say how it will affect the accuracy of the Airdrop, so be ready to hit the ground fighting!

Mission briefing: Use SEAL Team 5 to take the DOW outer defense perimeter and locate the Com. Center. Once found, a Strike Team will be sent to your position with an Engineer to capture and dismantle the Com. Center. After the Com. Center is out of picture, use the 2 MCV's which are already enroute to locate and anihilate the DOW stronghold. If you can take out enough of DOW's SAM sites, we might be able to slip an Airstrike in. OVER AND OUT.



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